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Cat Boarding

Our cattery provides individual sleeping quarters along with larger exercise/lounging areas. Cats remain individually while out exercising/relaxing or only with other family members.

Each guest is able to relax in their own environment without the stress of being intimidated by others.

Longtail Pet Motel feed fresh meat and Royal Canin biscuits to their guests, served individually to ensure each pet receives their full ration.

Freshmeat has numerous advantages over processed foods which are often rejected by animals unaccustomed to the many varieties on the market.The high protein content of fresh meat balances the effects of stress experienced by some animals when confined to strange surroundings.Stress results in the animals metabolism requiring increased protein. If their need is not supplied a protein deficiency will occur leading to subsequent health problems.

If your cat requires a special diet or on medication, please bring that with you, along with any specific instructions.

Clients are welcome to bring along baskets and bedding normally used by their pets to make things feel more homely, but are requested to clearly name tag these items.

On arrival at Longtail Pet Motel your pets health, diet and any behavioural problems are discussed and entered on our files. You are then welcome to escort your pet to its individual living quarters. In many cases this helps allay fears held by animals as well as owners.

Please remember to bring your pets current vaccination card with you.

On returning for your pet, please have payment ready before our staff collect your pet. Payment can bemade by Cash, EFT-POS or cheque. We cannot accept credit cards at this stage. Drop off and collection times are 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm daily.